Our mission

Our mission is to provide a safe, carefree, and relaxing environment for seniors. We offer assisted living, respite care, memory care, and independent living facilities with excellent amenities for the convenience of our residents. We are a Four-Star facility that also provides benefits to veterans and accepts Medicaid.

Our life style options

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Memory Care

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Our mission

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Lifestyle options

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We accept Medicaid

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It's like a home away from home

Home-like comforting experience

Heritage Care Home has been devoted to helping those who need assistance with daily routines and caring for others. At Heritage Care Home, we offer four different variations of our services.

A variety of options are available to choose from

No matter what option you choose from assisted living, memory care, respite care, or independent living, we will make sure you enjoy every moment with us and feel comfortable living in the Heritage Care Home.

Fully-functional private rooms for residents

We offer spacious private rooms with amenities like television, high-speed Internet, phone charging sockets in multiple places, attached washroom facilities, and much more.

Your nutrition is our top priority

We take pride in saying that we provide highly nutritious, wholesome meals to all our residents and also take care of their exercise and medicine intakes. Not just that, but we ensure that no one feels left out or alone.

Your entertainment is our responsibility

At Heritage Care Home, we have an amazing activity planner that includes several interesting activities that will involve all our residents, so there will be something for everyone.

Live your best life with Heritage care home

Privacy and care under one roof

Heritage Care Home is known for its warmth and excellent senior care services. We respect the privacy of our residents and also make sure to be available whenever they need us.

Tailored services to choose from, based on the needs

We have four variations in the types of services we provide, and they are exclusively designed to cover all your requirements for a senior care home.

Stress-free and peaceful environment

We believe that a peaceful environment is essential for a healthy and stress-free life, and we ensure that you will live your best life at Heritage Care Home.

Emphasis on your overall wellness

We will take care of your spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual, and cultural well-being. You will never regret coming to Heritage Care Home.

Making you smile is our duty

Along with taking care of your health, we will also make sure that you are happy and enjoying your interactions with the community and socializing with them.

Support and independence can go hand-in-hand

Heritage Care Home is a proper amalgamation of independence and support. With us, you will never feel dependent, but all your needs will be taken care of, and that will never make you feel helpless or alone.

Our benefits

We accept Medicaid

We are a community that cares for our residents. We accept Medicaid coverage for residents from the low-income segment and will provide high-quality services and care to them.

We're a Four-Star senior care facility

A community must receive a perfect score on their annual inspection to be granted Four-Star status by the state, and then they must repeat the process. You become eligible to be a Four Star community once you've received two surveys in a row with no deficiencies.

Veterans benefit

We are proud of our veterans and their contributions; hence, we offer veteran discount benefits to the survivors and their spouses. The state and federal governments also contribute some additional funds as veteran contribution funds.

We accept Medicaid

Emergency Medical support

Heritage Care Home accepts Medicaid coverage from the state and federal governments for the benefit of senior citizens from lower-income groups. It covers emergency medical assistance and care while being present in the senior care facility.

Medicine and assistance cover

Residents who qualify for Medicaid benefits and are residing in a senior care facility may also be granted access to medications and injections.

High-quality services

Regardless of whether a resident has Medicaid coverage or not, Heritage Care Home will provide high-quality services to all residents.

We're a Four-Star senior care facility

Four-star community

We are entitled to the four-star senior care community rating that ensures our proficiency and expertise in our business.

Cleared all the annual quality check inspections

The inspection authorities have given us the go-ahead to oversee the quality of the services and the standard of our senior care facility.

Why should you trust us?

Due to our excellent services, highly qualified staff, and infrastructure designed specifically for seniors, you can put your trust in our senior care facility.

Veterans program

Aid and attendance

Residents who are eligible for the VA's Aid and Attendance pension will receive VA aid and attendance benefits.

Housebound allowance

Veterans can use their VA benefits to pay for senior living expenses. They can leverage the amenities as per the requirements and eligibility.

Long-term veterans care

The VA benefits will cover the cost of assisted living in the senior care facility for eligible residents.

Visit us to see the warm and friendly environment for your loved ones! because your loved ones deserve to experience a better life

Regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, physical or mental disability, communicable disease, or country of origin, services are offered to all people.