What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is a type of housing for people who require varying degrees of medical and personal care. Individual rooms, apartments, or shared quarters can all be used as living spaces. The facilities generally provide a home-like environment and are physically designed to promote the independence of the residents. Services are provided to help residents with everyday living.

What is Memory Care?

Memory Care Living is a type of senior care living facility, that is designed for senior people suffering from dementia or Alzheimers. They will be under expert observation and provided 24/7 intensive care by professional staff with experience in handling residents dealing with memory-related issues. Heritage Care Home ensures their safety as well as comfort with high-quality care.

What is Respite Care?

Respite Care Living is the type of care that is required for a short-term or temporary purpose. The people suffering from some injury or have gone through some surgical procedure and need assistance during the recovery. Heritage Care Home provides highly professional nursing care during the recovery stage of the resident.

What is Independent Living?

Independent living is the type of senior care that offers proper privacy to the residents so they can live on their own. Services like laundry, housekeeping, and meal preparation, are ready to help staff whenever required. Heritage Care Home not only provides protection and care, but we also ensure their entertainment as well.

What services do assisted living communities provide?

The services offered by assisted living communities vary from facility to facility. Services often include:

  • 3 full-fledge highly nutritious meals
  • 24/7 intensive care
  • Assistance in personal care like bathing and dressing up
  • Eating and medicine tracking
  • Laundry and housekeeping services
  • Regular activities for entertainment

How do I determine what services I require?

You can discuss it with your loved ones and can consult with our specialists at Heritage Care Home, before choosing the type of service you want to enroll for. Take your time to think about what are your expectations from senior care living. Book a visit to understand the environment, services, staff and nursing facilities, etc.

General Questions

Why should I need to move to a senior care facility?

You can find a secure environment where all your needs will be catered to and you will get intensive care from professionals. In the Heritage Care Home, you will find a community filled with people of your age group to socialize and have endless laughter.

How will I feel comfortable living away from family?

Your family or loved ones might not be able to offer you an ample amount of attention and care because of their other commitments. But in senior care facilities, the staffs are available 24/7 to make your life easier and better.

Can I get proper assistance while performing daily activities?

Yes, you can get assistance for dressing up, eating, walking, medication tracking, etc. all services.

How often can I meet my family or friends?

Visitors can come once a week and there are separate rooms for get-togethers and family time.

What qualities should I look for in a living facility?

Before deciding on the senior care facility, you should consider checking:

  • Types of services available
  • Pro-efficiency of the staff
  • Meal facility
  • Healthcare and medical facilities
  • Arrangements for entertainment
  • Community to socialize
  • Hygiene and comfort arrangements
  • Safety and Security
  • Events and outings


Are staff members appropriately trained?

The assisted and nursing staff members are appropriately trained and highly responsible for providing care to the residents at the Heritage Care Home.

In moments of emergency during midnight, will the staff members show up, if required?

Heritage Care Home provides 24/7 intensive care to its residents, no matter what time of day it is. The assisted and nursing staff are available to serve the residents during an emergency. Heritage Care Home also offers urgent First Aid and medical assistance and also an immediate transportation facility to the hospital, if needed.

Are the staff friendly and cooperative?

The assisted and nursing staff members are young, energetic, extremely friendly, helpful, and incredibly patient with the residents. At Heritage Care Home, all the residents, staff, and management stays as a family, who eat together, laugh together, and stay together.

Are staff members appropriately dressed?

All the staff members are appropriately dressed and equipped with the essential tools and training for providing the best care to the residents.

Do staff members greet residents and interact warmly with them?

Yes, the staff members always greet the residents; they are quite interactive and polite and handle all the residents with patience, warmth, and care.

Are staff members available to meet scheduled and unscheduled needs?

Yes, all nursing and assisted staff members are very cooperative and understand the severity of some situations, so they do show up in times of scheduled and unscheduled needs.

Are staff members available to assist residents who experience memory, orientation, or judgment losses?

Yes, Heritage Care Home offers the memory care service for senior people struggling with memory loss, loss of judgment, loss of concentration, and interest in general life.


What formalities do the residents need for enrollment in the senior care facility?

  • A well-maintained room with all the essential amenities
  • Nutritious wholesome meals
  • Neat and clean washrooms, laundry, and housekeeping facilities
  • Interactive activities
  • Emergency medical and transportation facilities

How do they respond to medical emergencies?

At Heritage Care Home, the residents are in safe hands as we provide 24/7 intensive care and emergency medical assistance whenever required. We also offer emergency ambulance or transportation services to the nearest hospital if the situation demands that.

Is a contract agreement available to include accommodations, personal care, health care, and support services?

Yes, all residents have access to accommodations, health care, and support services; however, personal care services are only available to assisted living, memory care, and respite care residents. Independent-living residents have complete privacy and access to all of the amenities they need to live a stress-free life.

When may a contract be terminated, and what is the refund policy?

  • In case of non-disclosure of the true medical condition
  • Nonsigning contracts that require a 60-day notice of termination.
  • Not finding the senior care appropriate for living.
  • Change in the plan to go to senior care.
  • The resident is entitled to the unused portion of the monthly payment until the date of departure and removal of all personal belongings.

Refund Policy

  • 80% if the individual does not enter the senior care facility but a pre-admission evaluation was performed
  • 80% if a resident leaves the senior care facility during the first month for any reason.
  • 60% if a resident leaves the senior care facility for any reason during the second month.
  • 40% if a resident leaves the senior care facility during the third month for any reason.

Are additional services available if the resident's needs change?

Yes, the residents can get their service plan customized as per their choices and requirements.

How do you pay for additional services that are needed temporarily (such as nursing care)?

The price plans can be tailored as per the need of the services, both temporary and permanent.

Are there different costs for various levels or categories of services?

Yes, the price plans differ from service to service and with all additional addition of services as per the necessity.

Are there any government, private, or corporate programs available to help cover the cost of services for the resident?

You can check all the discounts and government support policies here

Financial planning

What are the billing, payment, and credit policies?

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May a resident handle their finances with staff assistance (if able), or should a family member or outside party be designated to do so?

The residents can handle their finances either way as per their choice and it also depends on their trust factor.