Veteran's Program

Veretan’s benefits in senior living


As a benefit to veterans, the federal and state governments pay for the cost of medication and medical assistance for veterans and their spouses while they are living in a senior living facility.

Aid and attendance

The residents who are eligible for the VA's Aid and Attendance pension will receive VA aid and attendance benefits.

Housebound allowance

Veterans can use their VA benefits to pay for the costs of senior living. They can leverage the amenities as per the requirements and eligibility.

Long-term veterans care benefits

The VA benefits will cover the cost of assisted living in the senior care facility for eligible residents. Senior veterans or veterans with disabilities can leverage the benefits of trained assisted caretakers for hygiene maintenance, housekeeping, meal preparation, and medication assistance.

VA fund for veterans and their spouse

Veteran discount benefits

Are you a war veteran or the spouse of a survivor? Do you need assistance? If the answer is yes, you may qualify for the VA's Aid and Attendance pension.

VA benefits for veterans living in a senior care facility

This pension was established in 1952 in order to provide our senior citizens with additional funds to assist with their care expenses.

The monthly amounts are:

  • Veteran- $1,911
  • Surviving Spouse- $1,228
  • Veteran and Spouse-$2,266
  • Dependent Spouse- $1,499

Assistance for Aid and attendance

By assisting U.S. War Veterans and their spouses in receiving approval for their Aid and Attendance payments from the Department of Veterans Affairs, Veretan's program is driving the change that will make Senior Living more accessible than ever. Numerous Veterans and their spouses are now receiving critical treatment without the stress of financial load thanks to the simplification of the application procedure and the removal of bureaucracy.

Expect’s assistance for claiming the support

Veterans can get help navigating the VA system and obtaining the benefits they have earned through their service from a Tennessee-based program called Veteran Program. In order to help people navigate the process, Veteran Program will give them guidance and support in obtaining the necessary paperwork, determining their eligibility, filing a claim, and serving as their advocate.

Veterans have protected us it is now our turn to help them. At Heritage Care Home, we offer our veterans and their spouse's excellent care and support. You might be qualified for Aid & Attendance benefits if you are a Veteran, Spouse, or Widow of a Veteran and you can affirmatively respond to the following questions:

Are you 65 years or older, or completely disabled?

Does the Veteran have a minimum of 90 days of active military service?

Did the Veteran receive an Honorable, Medical, or General discharge?

Was there a war on at least one of those days?

World War I
World War II
Korean War
Vietnam War
Persian Gulf War



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